It’s got cold all of a sudden – Sunday Post

It has gone from a balmy autumn to a crisp early winter almost overnight. If you can believe the press, snow maybe happening next week, but not down in Devon. We will most likely just have more rain instead. Anyway less talking about the weather. Reading wise, I have been blessed with some very good... Continue Reading →

Book Review – Magpie by Elizabeth Day ★★★★☆

This is a book which takes our first impressions and stomps on them. It is a difficult one to review as there is a huge twist about a third of the way in which changes everything so if you like your thrillers, domestic and not terrifying but quietly uneasy then this is the book for you.

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My Summer in Books

I do it every year, quit blogging when life gets busy in the summer, and then whenever the rain starts and the nights are long I get an urge to write, and share my reading life again. I had a little bit of a lull, then did a bit of comfort reading and got right... Continue Reading →

Book Review – The Mothers by Sarah J. Naughton ★★★★☆

Parenthood often throws women together who have nothing in common except for the age of their babies. When my daughter was small I was part of a group that met at a council run baby massage course and we met once a week until I moved out of the area. This book is about five women who live in London and met at a NCT antenatal class and three years later were still friends. Then one of their husbands goes missing. Twisty and engaging and even though there are lots of characters to get to know they are introduced fairly slowly so it's not overwhelming.

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How I Write My Book Reviews

This post was inspired by NS Ford's post of the same name. When I read it I realised how different our processes were and I am sure every book reviewer has a different one. Anyway here's mine. I am a lazy book blogger and at times finding writing book reviews a bit of a chore... Continue Reading →

May 2022 – State of the ARC

am slowly plodding through my backlist of overdue ARC's and only have three left un-started. My ratio is still at 89% however as I have been requesting a few, but trying myself to limit it. Again I have been tempted by the read-now emails but I have caught a few gems that way in the past.

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