Seven Ways to Get Free Audiobooks Without Breaking The Law.

This week for Top Ten Tuesday over at the Artsy Reader Girl it's an Audio Freebie (Any audio goes: audiobooks, music, podcasts, you name it.)  I have decided to share with you my favourite ways of getting audiobooks for nothing, without defrauding authors and voice actors and breaking the law. 


I Have Started Drawing Again But It Has Not Been Without Its Challenges – Sunday Post

I have had an interesting week, starting to reinstate some habits that I have let drop over the past few months. Firstly I have started meditating again with twenty minutes a day at first. My mind is all over the place but its a start. I have also started my drawing practice again.  Had a... Continue Reading →

Book Review – The Island of Sea Women by Lisa See ★★★★☆

This book is primarily a book about friendship and how holding grudges can bring untold pain and suffering.  It is told in two timelines.  A first-person account from Young-sook sharing the details of her life from the 30s up until the 70s.  And a third person account from 2008 when Young-sook is an elderly woman and encounters the American descendants of Mi-ja and tries her best to avoid them. This book is focused on the woman centred culture on the island of Jeju, where the women feed their families by what we would call 'free diving'.  The men stay at home and look after the babies, cook and clean.  The divers are called haenyeo and are the centre of this culture.

Book Review – The Binding by Bridget Collins ★★★★☆

This is a dark fantasy set in an alternative England.  It is also at heart, a love story, but not a conventional one. Told in three parts and three first-person accounts, the first and second being from Emmett Falmer, a young man who in the first book seems to be suffering from a form of mental illness.  He is apprenticed to an elderly bookbinder who lives in the marshes.   Books in this world are not the same innocent objects that they are in ours.  Over the first account, we discover as Emmett does what the bookbinding job entails.  I am not going to tell you, even though the full blurb does, as I enjoyed the slow reveal as the story progresses.

I Survived World Book Day Costume Making Extravaganza – Sunday Post

A mostly uneventful week.  World book day had us trying to recreate the costume she had last year, an easy one as Ginny Weasley from the Harry Potter books.  It's amazing what you can achieve with a can of orange hair chalk spray, an old skirt turned into a black cape and a stick.  Well this year, she couldn't find a stick so we substituted with a chopstick.

February Wrap Up and March TBR

It has been a good reading month with a grand total of 11 books this month.  Blog-wise, I may have confused people but I changed my blog name and URL to include my real name. My reasoning is, in case a few years down the line I might have a finished piece of writing to query literary agents and publishers with.  it might have been wiser to do gradually but it's done now.   I have been a bit slack and only done one Sunday post this month, I am debating if they are worth the time and effort as they rarely get read after the month is up, what do you think?

Book Review – An American Marriage by Tayari Jones ★★★✬☆

I have been reading a few books about race recently but this is my first contemporary novel.  This book has been raved about by pretty much every black celebrity in the US, Oprah and the Obama's especially.  I admit it, I was expecting more. The premise is simple, a young married couple find themselves at the wrong end of the racist police in the American south.  They stay one night in a Louisiana motel which leads to Roy being accused of the rape of another guest, despite the fact that his wife was with him the whole night, he gets convicted and sent to prison for a crime he didn't commit.   The book is about the effect that this has on them, their marriage and the people who love them.

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