Book Review – The Asylum by Karen Coles ★★★★☆

What could be more Gothic than a Victorian lunatic asylum.  Mental health care at that time was in it's infancy, a thing of abuses and punishment in the guise of treatment and symptom control and this is where we find Maude. A story within a story.  The first timeline is set in the asylum and the second italicized timeline is Maud's unearthed memories of her life before.  Under hypnosis she gradually remembers working as an assistant to an elderly scientist with crazy, overtly religious servants, a incongruous wife in a house out of the hammer-horror movies.  Continue Reading --->

All the April showers happened in the first week in May – Sunday Post

I have been very lazy this week, and I am using the rain as an excuse. Apart from one walk after work and a good cycle ride a couple of days ago I have been sitting on my arse reading. Hence why I finished three books this week. Something actually happened this week, I have... Continue Reading →

Book Review – Real Estate by Deborah Levy ★★★★✯

Memoirs are not easy books to review but this is not so much a diary, but the writers thoughts on her life.  It is beautifully written, part travel journal, part literature and movie review, part essay on motherhood once your children no longer need you.  This is a woman I would very much like to hang out with sometime, but chances are her memoirs are as good as its going to get.  

April Review and Sunday Post

I can't quite believe we are at the beginning of May already, one third of the year is behind us already. The Easter Holidays were good and seeing my parents for the first time in a year was a definite highlight. This week spring seems to be turning into early summer but as this April... Continue Reading →

Audio-Book Review – The Shape of Darkness by Laura Purcell ★★★★☆

I loved this book and found it hard to put it down.   Told in two first person accounts one from Grace, a spinster who makes her living by cutting or painting silhouette portraits otherwise known as shades. The other voice is Pearl and through here eyes see the shady world of Victorian spiritualism. She is a young girl, a spirit medium tightly controlled and abused by her older sister. Continue Reading --->

Colourful Book Covers

Spring is here in all its glory and to celebrate this fact this post is about wonderfully colourful book covers. Some non fiction, some fiction from historical to sci-fi but all of them with a bit of rainbow. 1 Underland by Robert Macfarlane An exploration of the world under our feet with from a man... Continue Reading →

March Update and Sunday Post

Spring is here, it's official. We have just about recovered from the shock of switching over to British Summer time and have been taking advantage of the lighter evenings already. I had a mammoth walk on Good Friday exploring a part of Dartmoor that I have only seen from the other side of the river... Continue Reading →

Places In Books I’d Love to Live

Most places in literature are dangerous and unpleasant and not a somewhere most of us would like to settle down. Theses are the exceptions, well, not all of them pleasant but they could be fun. As they say in the Assassins guild: 'If you're tired of Ankh Morpork, you're tired of life.' 1: 1930's Corfu... Continue Reading →

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