About little old me

I am a lover of books I have been since the adolescent days of reading pure trash (Think Jackie Collins and Jilly Cooper, it was the 80’s).  At 18 I went to university in Newcastle and met Sarah ( The pretty good life) who introduced me to much more literary works,  Isabelle Allende, Robertson Davies and  Angela Carter among others.  From then on, I just kept on reading. Devouring the likes of John Irvine, Neil Gaiman and Murakami.  I also have a guilty pleasure of enjoying fantasy novels but I am fairly fussy with this genre my favourites authors being George R.R. Martin and Katherine Kerr  and yes I love Harry Potter.  I have also done quite a lot of travelling in my life, mainly long trips to Asia where normally a good part of the weight of my backpack was books, this meant I would read whatever I could get my hands on and discovered some unexpected gems.

I also like reading non-fiction on a subject has grabbed my interest, most of all books on Buddhism and meditation, art, drawing and painting but also popular science.

On a personal note, I am a mum to my lovely daughter who was born in 2009 and is now growing up at a remarkable rate.  We live in sunny Devon with my lovely not-husband and most Sundays  I work as an agency nurse in one of the hospitals within an hour drive of my home.   Not a bad life altogether.

If anybody is interested I have a few old and in some cases dormant blogs starting with my first blog Charlie’s Travels, which is a photo travel blog from my journeys around southeast Asia in 2005 and then India and Central America in 2008.

There is also Ways of looking at the World which has been my go to blog for everything else, photography, drawing and general life stuff.

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