Book Review – The Metal Heart by Caroline Lea ★★★★☆

The blurb makes it seem as if this is a piece of romantic fiction, but there is more here than just a love story.  Constance is a broken women, scared of all men, and she has her reasons.  She appears to be suffering from what we would now recognize as PTSD. Her abuser is working on the same tiny island as her and she can't avoid him forever.  Continue Reading --->

Colourful Book Covers

Spring is here in all its glory and to celebrate this fact this post is about wonderfully colourful book covers. Some non fiction, some fiction from historical to sci-fi but all of them with a bit of rainbow. 1 Underland by Robert Macfarlane An exploration of the world under our feet with from a man... Continue Reading →

March Update and Sunday Post

Spring is here, it's official. We have just about recovered from the shock of switching over to British Summer time and have been taking advantage of the lighter evenings already. I had a mammoth walk on Good Friday exploring a part of Dartmoor that I have only seen from the other side of the river... Continue Reading →

Places In Books I’d Love to Live

Most places in literature are dangerous and unpleasant and not a somewhere most of us would like to settle down. Theses are the exceptions, well, not all of them pleasant but they could be fun. As they say in the Assassins guild: 'If you're tired of Ankh Morpork, you're tired of life.' 1: 1930's Corfu... Continue Reading →

The End is in Sight – Sunday Post

Please Please Please be true, only two more weeks until we start getting some form of normality. Ok so we can't go on holiday anywhere but at least we will be able to set foot in a bookshop. There is even some talk about my daughter's Scout troop restarting in person meetings again. Doing outside... Continue Reading →

Book Review – Madame Burova by Ruth Hogan ★★★☆☆

I really wanted to love this book, the premise was interesting and the character of Madame Burova had such potential but unfortunately it fell a bit short for me. I never really connected with any of the characters so instead of being unable to put it down, I started becoming reluctant to pick it up as I just didn't care. It may well have been because there were just too many characters over two timelines. Continue Reading --->

Book Review – Unsettled Ground by Claire Fuller ★★★★★

There is something very familiar about Jeanie and Julius.  So much so that I think most rural villages and towns in the UK have people a bit like them although they are a dying breed now. Often from farming stock; people who are happy with the old ways.  The twins live a bucolic existence, managing the rented smallholding with their elderly mother. And then the mother dies and their world is turned upside-down.  Continue Reading --->

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