One Week, Two Trials done, One More Week of Jury Duty to go – Sunday Post

Jury service so far has been a mix of hanging around doing nothing for the first couple of days to being bombarded with information in court. So far I have been on two jurys, two GBH cases, the first of which the defendant changed his plea to guilty over night and the other we eventually... Continue Reading →

My first ever Jury Duty is due to start tomorrow – Sunday Post

I am due to start Jury duty on Monday so I have been working lots this week to make up for the fact that I wont be able to next. Mainly doing Covid swabs on cricketers and other associated professionals and driving all over the place. Hence the only books I have finished have been... Continue Reading →

April Review and Sunday Post

I can't quite believe we are at the beginning of May already, one third of the year is behind us already. The Easter Holidays were good and seeing my parents for the first time in a year was a definite highlight. This week spring seems to be turning into early summer but as this April... Continue Reading →

March Update and Sunday Post

Spring is here, it's official. We have just about recovered from the shock of switching over to British Summer time and have been taking advantage of the lighter evenings already. I had a mammoth walk on Good Friday exploring a part of Dartmoor that I have only seen from the other side of the river... Continue Reading →

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