Book Review – The Ophelia Girls by Jane Healey ★★★★☆

This is a complex book with a multitude of different themes. It's about motherhood and being a parent to a sick child as well as the experience of being a sick child yourself; about forbidden love and about how little parents and children truly know each other. Continue Reading --->

One Week, Two Trials done, One More Week of Jury Duty to go – Sunday Post

Jury service so far has been a mix of hanging around doing nothing for the first couple of days to being bombarded with information in court. So far I have been on two jurys, two GBH cases, the first of which the defendant changed his plea to guilty over night and the other we eventually... Continue Reading →

Book Review – Threadneedle by Cari Thomas ★★★★☆

I am not normally a huge reader of YA but the premise of this one really grabbed me. I love the fact that it is set in the modern world, in the world of laptops, smartphones and social media but our protagonist Anna is kept apart from most of it by her overbearing Aunt. It is told in the third person from Anna 16 year old perspective with occasional italic flashbacks to earlier times. You could make comparisons to Harry Potter but this is much darker and much more realistic.

Book Review – The Asylum by Karen Coles ★★★★☆

What could be more Gothic than a Victorian lunatic asylum.  Mental health care at that time was in it's infancy, a thing of abuses and punishment in the guise of treatment and symptom control and this is where we find Maude. A story within a story.  The first timeline is set in the asylum and the second italicized timeline is Maud's unearthed memories of her life before.  Under hypnosis she gradually remembers working as an assistant to an elderly scientist with crazy, overtly religious servants, a incongruous wife in a house out of the hammer-horror movies.  Continue Reading --->

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