Spring Might be Close but it Feels Like Winter – A Sunday Post

Life has pretty much plodded on as per normal, I am still working, but not quite as much now as the staff at my local hospitals are coming back to work after their isolation periods so they’re not quite as understaffed as they have been. My daughter is still in school and seems to be quite enjoying the quieter classroom atmosphere, although her teachers are stuck behind a computer screen doing the remote learning for the rest of the class.

Hence I have been using my time to catch up on my reading.

Three books finished, one print proof, one graphic novel and one audiobook and I have several ebooks in progress.

Books Finished This Week - playlist script

Unsettled Ground

by Claire Fuller

My Rating: ★★★★★

Jeanie and Julius are two very familiar characters, especially to anybody who has spent time living in the small towns and villages of rural England. They are happy to live a bucolic existence farming the smallholding they live on with their elderly mother. And then the mother dies and their world is turned upside-down.
This is a book about grief, loss, poverty, homelessness and how little we really know our family, especially our parents.

From Devon with Death

(Juno Browne #3)

by Stephanie Austin

read by Mary Woodvine

My Rating: ★★★★☆

At this rate the town of Ashburton is turning out to be one of the most dangerous places to live in the country especially as there is a serial killer on the loose, thank goodness its only fictional. I have really enjoyed this latest instalment in the Juno Browne series and can’t wait to read the next one which is coming out in the summer.

Rivers of London: Body Work

by Ben Aaronovitch ( Author), Andrew Cartmel (Author), Lee Sullivan (Artist), Luis Guerrero (Colorist)

My Rating: : ★★★☆☆

Good, but not a patch on the full books, more like a short story. Definitely aimed at readers with a prior knowledge of the Rivers of London series. Some of illustrations didn’t quite match up to how I had the characters in my head but some were pretty spot on.

Currently Reading - playlist script

So two ARC’s one overdue and one current. Three backlist EBooks, one audiobook and a paperback.

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13 thoughts on “Spring Might be Close but it Feels Like Winter – A Sunday Post

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  1. I’m glad the hospitals are settling down a little in your part of the world. It’s been overwhelming here during the past few months. I wonder what it would be like to teach during this half-real-life/half-virtual-life time. Quite a difficult task, I think.

    Unsettled Ground sounds really good. I like stories that are both what they are and more. How much do we really know about our families? I’ve always been very startled when family revelations have come forth.

    I hope you have a lovely week.

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    1. I agree the teachers have got their work cut out for them at the moment and they are some of the unsung heroes of the pandemic. Unsettled ground was great, it comes highly recommended.


  2. The virtual teaching thing is weird… Much better than in the first lockdown (when there was none at my son’s school) but still very stilted. I feel for all the kids whether at home or in the classrooms as none of them are getting the level of teaching, attention and education they’re used to. 😦 Fingers crossed there’s an end in sight soon!

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    1. Ohh I hope so. I guess i’m lucky that my daughter is able to attend school this time as last time we argued so much (and there was no work for me then anyway).


  3. I really feel for the teachers in all this. Here, they are teaching remote-only kids (like mine) and in person, but during separate hours. They’ve got their hands full! We are so looking forward to getting back to as normal as possible.

    Our Endless Numbered Days sounds intriguing! Enjoy your week.


  4. Glad to hear things are calming down in hospitals by you. My HS daughter is doing hybrid she goes to school 2x a week and the rest is remote. If covid is on the wane, they could start having kids in school more days per week, but we will see. I hope you have a good week!

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  5. It must be impossible for the teachers during this pandemic. I can’t even begin to understand what everyone is going through since I don’t have any kids in school. I do feel for all involved.
    Your books look so good. I hope you have a great week!


  6. I’m glad things are getting better where you live. I’m still waiting for my turn for vaccination. Our kids are gradually getting back to in-person learning which must be wonderful for both parents and teachers. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

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  7. I’m glad things are getting better in your part of the world 🙂 I had to laugh when I saw your comment on the Devon mysteries, I thought the same while watching Midsomer murders : such pretty villages, but how can people want to live there with all the murders around, lol ! Enjoy your week 🙂

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  8. It is amazing how different schools have done different things during this pandemic. My daughter is in Catholic school so her principal only has to worry about one school, not dozens. They opened on time and while they have sent groups of kids home to quarantine, the school as a whole has remained open and extra-curriculars have happened. Our local public high schools have been in-person two days a week most of the year, and virtual the others. My tuition dollars were well spent.


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